San Domenico Palermo

SS. Rosario in S. Domenico's Oratory

The history

The Fellowship of the SS. Rosario in San Domenico was founded in 1568 and the oratory built premises adjoining the apse of the Church of San Domenico around 1574. Austere classical facade leads all'antioratorio late eighteenth century, a large vestibule that leads to passage in the classroom rectangular oratorio quadrangular domed sanctuary with tiled floor and chess. In this oratorio come together in harmonious balance of painting and sculpture resulting in a seamless integration of figurative language in their iconographic function and aesthetics.

Giacomo Serpotta and Pietro Novelli

The seventeenth-century paintings were supplemented with a decorative stucco Giacomo Serpotta run from 1710 to 1717. The plastic surgery was to enhance and emphasize the theological discourse that relied on the array Dominican Mysteries Allegories of Virtues and the contemplation of sin and expiation. The iconographic cycle grows vertically and horizontally through a play of references between the paintings, statues, ovals and triplets of putti. Among the painting of the mystery el'ovale with the scene of the apocalypse, the artist has three cherubs-angels with the task of uniting the two scenes and lighten the reading. Among the paintings are inserted instead of the graceful allegorical statues representing the Virtues, which reflect the perfect ideal of feminine beauty of the rococo spirit. The fresco on the ceiling depicting the Coronation of the Virgin by Pietro Novelli made the twenties of the eighteenth century closes the cycle pictorial oratorio.

The paintings

Along the walls fits the wooden benches on which sat the comp, supported by brackets carved with zoomorphic subjects in the last quarter of the seventeenth century. Through the triumphal arch leads to the sanctuary and the spectacular decoration of the dome and basin overlooked by groups of ladies and gentlemen leaned against a railing. The huge paintings by Van Dyck of the Madonna of the Rosary stands imposingly on the altar wall facing that invention fascinating Serpotta led with skill and executive ability.

Photo gallery

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