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St. Maria in Valverde Church

The history

The Church of Santa Maria di Valverde, annexed in the XIV century Carmelite monastery with a large, has been subjected since 1633 to a transformation project designed by MARIANO SMIRIGLIO first official architect of the Senate of Palermo and a leading figure in the artistic period. Event related to the transformation of the church in the seventeenth century is the donation of a wealthy Genoese, Camillo Pallavicino, following the entry of her only daughter at the Monastery of Valverde. Probably the work was interrupted by the death of the benefactor and the late seventeenth century and the continued construction of the project they are assigned a decorative PAOLO AMATO, architect and engineer of the Senate of Palermo.


The interior is a rectangular hall with a semicircular chancel choir and supported by a large arch at the entrance, the sottocoro was painted in 1750 by Olivio Sozzi and the frescoes of the time, mostly lost, are the work of Antonio Gramsci. On side walls there are four altars, richly decorated with marbles, the most important one is dedicated to Saint Lucia. The church was in decline after the monastic order was suppressed in 1866, was reopened in 1872. Damaged during the last war, she was stripped of its furnishings. The first restoration works were carried out between 1979 and 1980. In 1997 the church was reopened for worship.

Photo gallery

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